We fix $499 Trusts

I was reading the paper the other day and I saw an ad for a $499 trust. This blog post is not specifically saying that trust company is bad because I have no idea. That $499 trust may be the best trust of all time. However, seeing the ad reminded me that you really shouldn’t price shop for your estate planning documents. That can be VERY costly to your family in the long run.

Let me start by saying that our firm has been providing reasonable cost legal services since 1979. We pride ourselves on this. However, we aren’t the cheapest. We are far from the most expensive but also not the cheapest.

When you are searching for your attorney don’t shop solely on price. Yes, consider it but please don’t use that as your only factor. I have seen way too many trust mill trusts that are completely inadequate in one of different ways.

Some common problems:

1) Unfunded trusts;

2) Incorrect type of trust used;

3) Complete errors;

4) Failure to provide a pour over will;

and on the list goes.

Get your estate plan right by an experienced attorney!


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