Robin Williams estate in the news

I was reading this article about Robin Williams’ estate. It is written by a Minnesota lawyer.  I am not saying the story is “wrong” but it is a little misleading. Now that makes for better reading than a 100% accurate story of course. In this story they make a big deal about the high cost […]

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California Insurance Code Section 10113.71 Form

Have you gotten forms from your life insurance companies giving you the option of providing them an alternate person to receive your lapse notices? I love this! It all stems from California Assembly Bill 1747 which became effective January 1, 2013. It was written into law as California Insurance Code section 10113.71. I think it’s […]

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Ask your parents some tough questions to help everybody

Back in 2012 I posted a blog about talking to your parents about their estate plan. I called it “5 Questions to ask YOUR parents about their estate plan.”  I encourage you to read it before reading on…. The key here is that it’s a sensitive thing and, often, when dealing with your parents it […]

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