California Insurance Code Section 10113.71 Form

Have you gotten forms from your life insurance companies giving you the option of providing them an alternate person to receive your lapse notices? I love this! It all stems from California Assembly Bill 1747 which became effective January 1, 2013. It was written into law as California Insurance Code section 10113.71. I think it’s a very helpful law. It provides for a 60 day lapse period on policies issued after January 1, 2013. Plus the insurance company must provide notice of the lapse to everybody including your designated person. To me this makes very good sense. With people moving around so much providing the insurance the address of the most stable friend or relative you know can’t hurt. If your insurance company hasn’t contacted you with a form to fill out I encourage you to contact them to ask them for their form. If you use your favorite search engine to search for your your life insurance company and words such as, California notice and designation for secondary addressee form, you should find it.  Good luck.  -John

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