Coach Dean Smith leaves a small legacy… what will you do?

As an estate planning attorney I help clients plan the legacy they will leave. Often it’s simple such as “I leave everything to my children….”  Other times it’s a gift to an old friend, a church, or other charitable organization.  I just read an interesting article, on, about the former University of North Carolina coach, Dean Smith, and what he did. He left, in his trust, a gift of $200 to each of the lettermen that played for him.  According to the article it was approximately 180 of them!  That $36,000 will mean a lot. To some of his former players it will be the sentimental value of it as obviously a billionaire, like Michael Jordan, doesn’t need another two hundred dollars. On the other hand there are probably a handful of his former players who are struggling through life and that $200 will be a huge infusion to their monthly budget. The bottom line is he is leaving his mark or his legacy!  You can do that too!  Here’s the link:

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