Pharmaceutical drug class action lawsuits in PROBATE COURT

We have handled many pharmaceutical drug class action and personal injury lawsuits in probate court.  Recently we have represented many people pursuing settlements in the Actos liver medication lawsuits. We are not the class action or personal injury lawyer. We are the probate attorneys who help when the person who took the medication passed away.  We have significant experience representing individuals in these cases and also have worked closely with the class action lawyers when asked.  If you lost a loved one and are pursuing a pharmaceutical drug class action or personal injury lawsuits, and need probate court help, please contact us.  We can help with probate, conservatorship or guardianship situations.  Likewise, if you are a class action or personal injury lawyer needing help for your California decedents or disabled clients we can help you. We are efficient, friendly and experienced. Contact us today to discuss how we can help YOU!  -John


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