Mailing list removal for deceased

We lost my mom back in March of 2016 and I still get a lot of mail for her. My favorite is from AAA which says, on the envelope “WE WANT YOU BACK.” We get a chuckle, though a sad one, each time we receive that junk mail.  The mail continues.  Macy’s loves to send their catalogs as to many others. The other most common mail is from charities. My mom liked to shop and apparently give to charities.  In any event I found a website you can go to which should help reduce the junk mail after death.  Here’s the link.   It’s from and is the Deceased Do not Contact Registration. It’s basically the do not contact registry for deceased people. I can’t believe I never heard of this before!

Again the link is here.

My best wishes to you.

-John B. Palley

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