International Ancillary probate

As a probate attorney for 25 years I have dealt with countless ancillary probates in my personal practice. These typically involve a person who has property in two, or more, US states. However, on occasion we run into international probate situations. That might be a citizen of the world who dies owning property in California or a California resident who dies owning property around the world somewhere.

As background California Probate Code section 12501 defines ancillary as: “Ancillary administration” means proceedings in this state for administration of the estate of a nondomiciliary decedent.” So this could mean someone living around the US or around the world that leaves property in California.

I recently became acquainted with an international law firm that focuses on these situations and takes great pride in their work. Should you have a multi-national probate situation I encourage you to reach out to Graf Partners. They also have some great blog posts in their blog here.

Should you have an international probate that touches California please reach out to me as I handle all types of probate cases in all counties of California.


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