Games of Thrones and California Probate

Ok, I admit it I just wanted to put “Game of Thrones” in my blog to see a spike in readership. I am sorry. It’s like the old days when we talked about Star Wars. Here’s the strange thing though, and this has absolutely nothing to do with California probate law, I have never watched GOT. I do not even know what it’s about. Strange I know. I wake up Monday morning, go to the gym, scan Facebook, and wonder what everybody is talking about. Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t watch GOT?

Well, anyway, once I get my GOT feelings over with I move on to California probate law. Perhaps since I have never since GOT I find California probate law more interesting and exciting. I am constantly reading blogs, articles, and legal papers about the latest California probate laws. However, more importantly I am constantly refining and improving my systems. I want my California probate law procedures and systems to be the most accurate and efficient of any attorney in the state.

I do not know anybody that works like we do in my office. If you contact me by about 3:00 most days of the week I can email initial probate documents to you, THAT SAME DAY, for you to print, sign and return. I will even include a FedEx return label for simplicity on your end. In many cases we can be on file within 24 hours and, for some courts, we can be on file the same day as they allow e-filing of most documents. No other lawyer I have heard of operates like this.

My feeling is most people want to get probate over with and move on with life. The quicker we file the quicker we finish.

So again, my apologies, that I know nothing about Game of Thrones, but any time you have a death in the family contact me and let’s get your probate case started ASAP!

-John Palley

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