California probate court update

I wanted to provide a California probate court update as I know it today.  The reality is court schedules are changing daily!  Governor Gavin Newsom issued the stay at home order a week ago.  As you likely know essential work is allowed to continue. As best I can tell different courts are doing things differently. I was going to update this daily but I just found a great resource. Onelegal has a complete court list on their website. Follow the link to their list!  I have had courts continue hearing from 4 weeks in Ventura and Alameda, 7 weeks in Yolo county, 8 weeks in Sacramento. It’s all over the board. Also, some courts are still accepting new probates and other documents that we file.  Let us know if we can help with your California probate case.

Please stay healthy out there!

-John Palley



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