Contra Costa probate court and COVID-19 – CLOSED

The Contra Costa probate court remains closed.  We work throughout the state of California and are trying to keep things updated as we hear them.  With the exception of certain emergency hearings the Contra Costa Superior Court is closed until April 30, 2020.  Their press release provided:

The Court has requested authorization from the Chief Justice to continue its
closure through April 30, 2020, and will issue a further release with details as to
what Court operations will resume during any extended closure period.

Here is a link to the complete document if you want to read more.

We are still preparing probate petitions for filing even in the closed courts. Our plan is to be ready to file those the day they open. Other courts are closed but still accepting e-filing.  Other courts are closed but are still processing mail so we can mail petitions. Lastly, some courts are closed but have a drop box. We are keeping up on all the courts because we have a California statewide probate practice.

-John Palley

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