Efficiency even when sheltering in place – Coronavirus 2020

Efficiency in probate filing even when sheltering in place. That’s what I do! I have been a California probate attorney for over 25 years.  My practice is focused and completely dedicated to California probates ONLY.  Because of this I continue to refine my system so I can be more efficient.  The Covid-19/Coronavirus global pandemic has given me the important to work on further refinement of the system while working from home.

Some courts are accepting e-filing, some courts require “wet ink” originals, and some courts are taking anything. We are paying attention to this as we have a state-wide practice.  We file probate court cases throughout California.

Last week I was contacted by a gentleman in North Carolina whose mom lived in Placer county. We were able to get him the initial probate documents within 24 hours of our initial contact from him.  He then scanned the documents back and we e-filed them in court.  E-filing in the Placer county Superior Court is a brand new option that just started last week. However, it’s available so we are using it! Anything we can do to be more efficient with our filings.

Now we wait for a court date. With the governors shelter in place order most, but not all, of the state courts are closed. At least closed to hearings. Many of the “closed” courts are still taking documents and scheduling matters on calendar. That is the case in Placer county. However, things are not as efficient as in the past so we wait.

I truly love helping clients from all around the country who have lost a loved one here in California.  The client mentioned above is a real client and very common for my clients. I have had clients in most states and some foreign countries. The common tie is that they lost a loved one in California and thus needed a California probate attorney.

If you need a highly efficient California probate attorney please contact me to discuss your case.

-John Palley

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