How can I file a probate during the Covid-19 crisis?

How can I file a probate during the Covid-19 crisis?  If you have asked this you are probably not the first person.  I have the answers because this is all I do for a living. I don’t dabble in probate like many attorneys. I am 100% probate ONLY.  I do not know of any other attorney in the state with a focused probate practice like this. A lot of attorneys do some probate, some estate planning, some trust administration, and sometimes even other stuff. I have chosen to focus my practice 100% on California probates because I know I can do the best for you when this is all I do. When I do continuing education I do probate classes. When I read professional articles and publications I read ones about probate. Heck, even when I talk to my colleagues I tend to talk about probate. It’s what I do.

During the Covid-19 crisis, or Coronavirus if you prefer, we are still working… though working remotely for the most part.  So we are available to answer questions by email, text, phone, Zoom, skype, Facetime, fax, US Mail, FedEx or whatever I haven’t thought of.

We can still file probates in most counties in California. Some allow electronic filing (or E-filing) and some counties have drop boxes.  We stay up on each counties procedures so we can serve our clients.

We usually can get out a rough draft of documents within 24 hours. We can use email, mail, FedEx or whatever works best for you to get the documents to you.  Please contact us today to discuss your California probate case.

-John Palley

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