Coronavirus and the California probate court UPDATE

We posted last week how things are changing by the day and how each court is doing things differently. There are a lot of California court closures.  I will not summarize all here as one of the document filing companies (One Legal), who we use, has put a nice summary on their website. Here is […]

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How does a Zoom meeting work to discuss estate law?

Zoom, Skype, Facetime all work great and these words have become extremely common in our everyday discussions since the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis. So how does a Zoom meeting work to discuss estate law?  Why is Zoom beneficial? Is it easy to use?  If you are our typical 83 year old couple doing estate planning can you […]

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How can I file a probate during the Covid-19 crisis?

How can I file a probate during the Covid-19 crisis?  If you have asked this you are probably not the first person.  I have the answers because this is all I do for a living. I don’t dabble in probate like many attorneys. I am 100% probate ONLY.  I do not know of any other […]

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Contra Costa probate court and COVID-19 – CLOSED

The Contra Costa probate court remains closed.  We work throughout the state of California and are trying to keep things updated as we hear them.  With the exception of certain emergency hearings the Contra Costa Superior Court is closed until April 30, 2020.  Their press release provided: The Court has requested authorization from the Chief […]

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Covid-19 estate planning to avoid probate court

I imagine anybody reading this blog post has thought about the serious issues related to Covid-19. Most notably of course is the death rate and the rapidly growing numbers of deaths around the world but also right here in California, USA.  I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom but I am a lawyer […]

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