Filing a Covid probate case in Placer County California

Today I personally filed a Covid probate case here in my home county of Placer county. That is at the Courthouse here in Roseville.   I thought a lot of you would be interested in my filing a Covid probate case in Placer County California. I want to get through the specific details of how a case gets filed, during this Coronavirus situation, here in Placer county California. Different counties are different as I have told you the last few weeks. This post is about a new case I did file today.

First of all we have only had 8 deaths in Placer county from Covid-19 so far. Today I had the duty, and honor, of filing for probate in one of those eight. That is, a gentleman that died, from Covid, right here in Roseville.  This is real life! It’s what I have done for 25 years and will continue to do. In fact, my law practice is dedicated and devoted to probate cases and I can file them anywhere in California.

Second, as I have told you before, I pride myself on efficiency.  My first contact with the new client was Tuesday afternoon. We filed for probate, in Court, within 48 hours of initial contact.  Yes, even during the Covid crisis we filed a new probate within 48 hours of contact. That is, from initial email to actually being filed at the courthouse was less than 48 hours.  I should add that we are lucky that the Placer county Superior Court is still accepting probate filings. A lot of counties are not.

Next was the process.  After an initial phone call with the decedent’s loved one, that he left behind, I emailed her a list of questions. She replied with the pertinent information.  I had the initial documents ready within 24 hours but the client wanted to meet face to face so we met today at our Roseville office. We both had masks on. We met, went over the documents, and had the client sign everything.

Next was getting it to the courthouse. In normal times we have a court runner, or courier, who takes everything to court everyday. However, things are different right now so I drove it to the courthouse myself.  The two Sheriffs deputies, at the security check, looked really bored but there were some people around. More cars in the parking lot than I expected.  After going through security I dropped the documents in the dropbox.  The Placer county court has been really great to work with and processing things within 24 hours.  Yes, most counties can’t say the same right now. Good job Placer!

Next steps is waiting for our court date. We anticipate a date in late July or early August. As a Placer county case the hearing will be on a Friday at 8:30 in the morning.  We always attend in person or via CourtCall or Zoom (in some counties) in case the Judge has questions.

In this case we are considering filing a petition for letters of Special Administration. These types of letters are basically “temporary” letters until the court date. Each county is different but the general rules are that the Courts wants there to be an urgent situation.  Also, the Court generally likes to see narrow and specific powers being requested.

In summary this is about covid deaths in Placer county California.  If you have a Covid death, or any other death, anywhere in California please contact me to discuss.

-John Palley

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