Letters of Special Administration on a rush basis

Special Administration on a rush basis can happen in a California probate court. However, the facts have to be right to be granted the special letters on a rush basis. Today I will discuss the way this works and how you could obtain Letters of Special Administration in as short as 48 hours in some […]

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California Notary Acknowledgement

A few years back the state of California changed the notary form that must be used by California notaries when notarizing a document. This is what is called the acknowledgement.  There are exceptions where a notary can use an out of state notary form but I will not get into those rules here.  The below […]

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Sacramento Probate Court ZOOM forms

This post is about the Sacramento Probate Court Zoom Forms. In the wake of the Covid crisis we have yet another mandatory use form… at least here in Sacramento Superior Court – Family Law Division – Probate – Department 129. Actually there are three forms. You can get them on the court website and I […]

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Filing for probate when there are a bunch of children

Filing for probate when there are a bunch of children often requires planning and thinking. That is a probate when the decedent had many children can bring pitfalls to the petitioner for probate. This is particularly true when there is no will (i.e. intestate succession) or a poorly drafted will or a will that is […]

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