Chadwick Boseman Probate Documents from Los Angeles County

On, or about, October 15, 2020 a new probate was filed for the Chadwick Aaron Boseman estate in Los Angeles Superior Court.  I was talking about this case with a lawyer friend as it is interesting talking about any probates but especially one with a known decedent like a great actor.  As we like to […]

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When to open probate when house is almost upside down?

I often have clients or potential clients who come to me to discuss when to open probate when their parents, or other loved one’s, house is almost upside down.  That is, what’s enough equity to make it worthwhile to file for probate?  Upside down, or when the mortgage balance is higher than the value of […]

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Ancillary probates for California assets

There are different situations that an ancillary probate can be required in California.  I have seen it spelled anciliary, ancillary, anciliary, ansiliary, and a whole bunch of other ways.  The California probate code spells it ANCILLARY so let’s assume that’s correct. Today I want to speak specifically about situations where a California ancillary probate is […]

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How E-filing works in California probate courts

How E-filing works in California probate courts differs, a lot, from county to county. Some options: Some counties are still 100% paper filing; Some counties are close to 100% E-filing; Some counties say they are E-filing but require paper filing; The point is it’s different throughout the state. It’s changing all the time. For example, […]

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