Why are many attorneys so slow?

I ask the question why are many attorneys so slow but really the question for today is why are some California probate attorneys so slow… and the converse… why are we SO EFFICIENT?

I have heard countless times over the year compliments such as:

“you are so efficient”

“you always get back to me so fast”

“I never thought an attorney could work that fast”

“Thank you for calling me back within 30 minutes of my calling you”

“You reply to emails faster than anybody I know”

The list goes on but before I pat myself on the back too much I have to admit that my profession, as a whole, is chalk full of some really inefficient people it seems to me.  Or maybe it’s not just inefficient.

In my personal opinion there is an air of cockiness that allows an attorney to tell a perspective client stuff like “I am so sorry your mom died… I can squeeze you in the week after next.”  Law school is hard. Though I graduated back in 1994 I still have nightmares of those 3 years. So, naturally we come out feeling pretty good about ourselves but the reality is people aren’t impressed that you went to law school. People are impressed when you give them incredible customer service.

Oh crap I went and did it… I used the words “customer service” in a post about legal services.  “Hush” says the old school attorney who still dictates documents to be typed by his secretary who is 77 years old! That old attorney says “I am busy so can’t just fit a new client in when they want… they have to come in on my schedule.”  Then, after that, maybe they say something like “it takes time to get everything just right.”   That’s a load of CRAP!

If you just lost a loved one you want to talk to an attorney NOW.  TODAY.  NOT TOMORROW!  The number 800-965-1106 is good for calls OR TEXTS.  Yes, you can text that number and it goes RIGHT TO MY PERSONAL CELL PHONE!  If you call it goes to my office and you can talk to my probate assistant but next or email is even more efficient with me.

Seriously, try it right now!  Text that number – 800-965-1106. If your thumbs move fast enough give me a short description of what’s going on when you text!

We typically can talk to our perspective clients that same day and can have court documents ready to go within 24 hours in most cases.  Lastly, we can literally be on file, in the probate court, within days in most all counties of California!  The sooner you start the probate the sooner you’ll be done!

Give us a holler and let’s chat!  -John Palley

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