Another California celebrity dies without a will – Coolio

As an old school rap aficionado myself I was saddened to hear that Coolio had passed.  He had a couple of big songs so wasn’t a one hit wonder.  However, maybe a two hit wonder!?  In any event, I liked his music and was bummed to see of his death. Even more bummed to see that yet another California celebrity has died without a will!  Here’s a link to a full article on Yahoo. I’ll give my thoughts below the link.  Here’s that Yahoo link!

I hate to provide a link to Wiki but Wiki does have a ton of great info so go check that out too! Artis Leon Ivey Jr. (August 1, 1963 – September 28, 2022) – AKA: Coolio!   RIP Mr. Ivey!

His estate is listed at $300k in personal property.  Perhaps he sold the royalties to all his hits long ago!?  Sadly that is a common problem in the music business in general and the rap business specifically. When young, often very unsophisticated, people are presented with a cash offer they jump at it.  For example, EVERY single NBA and NHL game I have been to for the last 10 years has played the song Jump Around by House of Pain. Did they keep their royalties?  I sure hope so for their sake because that song gets PLAYED and PLAYED and PLAYED.

When I think of Coolio I think of the Fantastic Voyage video, from 1994, where the people keep getting out of the old lowrider.  According to the interwebs perhaps that was his #2 biggest hit after Gangster’s Paradise which won a Grammy in 1995.  What many do not know is he got his first break as part of WC and the Maad Circle.  I recall that Ice Cube (aka: O’Shea Jackson) and Sir Jinx (aka: Anthony Wheaton) was involved with that which is probably why I purchased it when it came out in 1991.  I was a big fan of NWA and all their offspring. That tree sprung a lot of branches throughout Southern California between 1986 and 1995 roughly.  This included the great Coolio who we talk about today.

Pour some out for Mr. Ivey… AND GET YOUR OWN ESTATE PLANNING DONE!  No matter who rich or poor do not die without a will at a minimum and talk to an estate planning attorney about getting a trust!

-John Palley


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