Probate for people who died after moving from California

I don’t think I am telling you anything you don’t already know.  People are moving out of California.  This post is not about that phenomenon or the political ramifications or reasons.  This post is focused on what do you do if a loved one moved out of California and then died.  So let’s talk about […]

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Where to file probate for a California bank account?

The question of where to file probate for a California bank account, when the person who died lived in another state or country, brings into play what are called the ancillary probate rules.  Ancillary probate essentially means there are assets in two “states” and by state that could include a foreign nation. In cases where […]

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Ancillary probate and property taxes in California

I selected the topic of Ancillary probate and property taxes in California because it’s a common discussion in my office and much more so since the passage of Prop 19 in California.  Prop 19 ripped the heart out of the parent to child transfer laws in California.  The old rules made it relatively easy for […]

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Billionaire dies without a will

The headline catches your eye right!?  Could a billionaire die without a will!? Actually, reading the story again he was “only” worth an estimated $840 million at death!  Let me say right now if you have $840 million, or $84 million, or $8.4 million, or $840,000 I suggest you get a will and most likely […]

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Ancillary probates for California assets

There are different situations that an ancillary probate can be required in California.  I have seen it spelled anciliary, ancillary, anciliary, ansiliary, and a whole bunch of other ways.  The California probate code spells it ANCILLARY so let’s assume that’s correct. Today I want to speak specifically about situations where a California ancillary probate is […]

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International Ancillary probate

As a probate attorney for 25 years I have dealt with countless ancillary probates in my personal practice. These typically involve a person who has property in two, or more, US states. However, on occasion we run into international probate situations. That might be a citizen of the world who dies owning property in California […]

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