Protect your ASSets

Ok, I apologize but I couldn’t resist the title for this post.  Our society is crazy with litigation. Yes, you can blame the lawyers but individuals have to hire the lawyers and sign the lawsuits that are filed! However, it’s no doubt litigation is out of control, people sue for everything big and small, and […]

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ILIT’s Do not Have to be About Estate Taxes

An ILIT is the standard acronym in the industry for Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust.  An ILIT is one of the most dynamic estate planning tools available and that’s why I mention them from time to time. The key on this blog post is the idea that an ILIT need not have anything to do with […]

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A little mis-direction

I have written before about asset protection. It’s the hot item right now as people are getting sued, finding out they co-signed something they should not have, and finding out that personal guarantees mean you can actually be personally LIABLE!  Today I am going to write about a simple thing you can do with your current […]

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Qualified Personal Residence Trust

Estate planning attorneys love acronyms: Q-TIP, Q-DOT and Q-PRT are three relatively well known types of trusts.  Others include ILIT, CRT, GRAT, GRIT and A/B.  Though all of these initials are good estate planning tools to consider the QPRT, or QUALIFIED PERSONAL RESIDENCE TRUST is a vastly underutilized tool in this author’s opinion. A QPRT […]

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Software v. Attorney

How many people would be so excited if you foundsome brand new lawyer willing to prepare their trust for $500?  What a deal, right?  An experienced attorney like myself might charge $2,000, or more, for a living trust package for a husband and wife.  Some charge $5,000 and up… but of course they have fancy offices and […]

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HOT topic in Estate Planning

What’s the single hottest topic in California estate planning?  Here in Sacramento foreclosures are a popular topic but not so much for people with assets.  Estate tax law changes are always in vogue for people with money.  However, the number one hottest topic, the numero uno point of concern, the biggest area of questions is […]

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