“A good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow”

"A good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow"

I am told that George Patton gets credit for this quote but it applies to estate planning as well.  Please get your estate plan done and then improve it later. No estate plan means no protection! I often meet with people who can't decide the third back-up guardian or trustee. Rather than sign the estate plan that is 99% what they want they do nothing and wait. What if something happened while they are debating? There could be a probate, there could be estate taxes, and there could be a guardianship fight. SIGN YOUR ESTATE PLANS! Do not procrastinate.  One offer I make to clients is no charge for changes during the first year after you sign. So you have no excuse for not
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The Pragmatic lawyer

I have always considered myself to be reasonable or a good sense of rough justice. A quick opinion of how things should end up. People have called me pragmatic many times during my 20 years as a lawyer. I will admit I didn't know exactly what that meant the first couple of times I heard it.  I looked in the dictionary years ago and looking back I remember thinking that made sense. I have pasted a  current dictionary entry below. As an attorney for more than 20 years now I can tell you there are a lot of attorneys I have dealt with who are very NOT pragmatic. Not to say they are bad attorneys but they are so difficult to deal with because they don't deal in reality. I am sure they could write a mean brief and research the heck out of archaic laws. I, myself, like to dig in and solve re
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Best nursing homes in Sacramento

I just saw this article at US News rating the best nursing homes in Sacramento. Good list to consider for your loved ones. Here’s the link.
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Pay for your trust or probate work with Bitcoins

As an attorney in Northern California, near Silicon Valley, I realize there are many people who may want to pay with Bitcoins as it’s a very tech savvy type of currency. Maybe that’s estate planning or probate work!?  Additionally, I have represented clients from around the world who have probate legal issues in California; Bitcoins are sort of the world’s currency!  I thus will gladly accept payment in Bitcoins! Additionally, I was reading on that my local basketball team, the Sacramento Kings, now take Bitcoins. If I want to go to a game I can pay with this great new currency! If y
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