Grandparent to Grandchild Exclusion

Yesterday’s focus was the parent to child exemption for re-assessment in California property taxes. This is a booming area of law as Counties are desperate for tax revenue and finding people who do not do all their tax forms right can be an easy way to make more money. The key with property taxes is […]

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Parent to Child Exemption Form

Upon death or any other transfer of real estate in California you need to evaluate if a PT-58 form is required. It is the document which tells the county assessor that a transfer has been made, of real property, between a parent and a child.  This will preserve the parent’s property tax assessment or basis. […]

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Prop 13 and Property Taxes

Most Californians known about the famous “Prop 13.”  Just google “Prop 13″ without specifying California and it will come up very high in your search I am sure! It’s the 1978 statewide proposition that established California’s modern day property tax system.  It set a ceiling on property tax based on your assessed value in 1975 […]

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