Forgotten Assets Commonly Omitted from Trust funding

Having been an estate planning attorney for over 20 years I have come up with a short list of the forgotten assets that are most commonly omitted from trust funding.  That is, these assets are frequently found after death titled in individual name rather than the trust. In some cases they can be cleared up […]

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Timeshares are liabilities that keep on going from generation to generation

Let me start by saying that I love timeshares. I enjoy staying at timeshares on vacations. You can meet many friendly people while BBQing your dinner, sitting by the pool, playing ping pong, or at some of the organized activities.  I also think they are fascinating from a business perspective. I like reading about the […]

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Timeshares and estate planning

Client’s often ignore their timeshare. They typically cost much more than they are worth but you should not ignore them when doing your planning. Failing to properly plan for your timeshare can leave your loved ones with a big pain in the neck… in addition to the ongoing maintenance fees! I deal with dozens of […]

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