Why should I not hire the cheapest probate attorney?

Ok, maybe nobody uses the exact words “Why should I not hire the cheapest probate attorney?”  However, I think it’s human nature to try to save a few bucks.  I like to get a deal just like the next guy.  On the other hand I know when I get what I pay for. I am […]

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John Palley speaking on probate and estate law April 18th in Sacramento

I am excited to announce that I have been invited to speak on California probate law and how to improve your trusts. This will be April 18, 2019 in Sacramento AND online! Here is a link to the Facebook page. Probate & Real Estate Workshop.2019

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Some Thoughts on Spousal Property Petitions in California Probate Courts

As a probate attorney since 1994 I have prepared and file a lot of Spousal Property Petitions over the years. The main form is state form DE-121 which you can find here on the web. I think a lot of people gloss over the many nuances in these cases and thus I wanted to talk […]

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California Civil Code 2920.7 – Survivor Rights with Real Estate Mortgages

On January 1, 2017 the California legislature enacted a new law, California Civil Code 2920.7 (pasted below) which aims to help the survivor deal with a mortgage company when their name is not actually on the mortgage. It’s like a survivor’s bill of rights in a way. How does this happen? The most common situations […]

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Robin Williams estate in the news

I was reading this article about Robin Williams’ estate. It is written by a Minnesota lawyer.  I am not saying the story is “wrong” but it is a little misleading. Now that makes for better reading than a 100% accurate story of course. In this story they make a big deal about the high cost […]

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Executor’s Companion Book

I have heard this book is a great resource if you are serving as a trustee or executor of an estate. I have not read it myself yet. However, I encourage you to get a copy if you are going to serve in a fiduciary capacity. Here’s the link to Amazon.

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