California Living Trust Package

What documents should your California living trust package have?  A lot of clients think a trust is the only document. However, it’s not. Far from it!  There are a number of documents that a properly prepared California revocable “living” trust package should have. Here is a brief summary of each: California Revocable Living Trust – […]

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Get a will with no attorney

Everybody knows about and other legal document drafting companies.  They create wills, powers of attorney, living wills and even trusts.  They may actually work out fine for you and your loved ones… we will find out after you die. Another similar option is the California statutory will. It’s something not a lot of people know […]

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California Handwritten Will

Another option if the California statutory will is too complicated is simply doing a holographic, or handwritten, will. The relevant California probate code section is pasted below. A handwritten will is completely valid. It just needs to be in your own handwriting, signed and dated. No witnesses required. Obviously, this is only for very simple […]

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Wills and Trusts Before Trips

My wife and I are going on a vacation for the long weekend and I, being a human, thought about my will and trust.  Mostly my will as that is where the guardian of our kids is named. I know, I know it’s not too likely that the plane is going to go down but […]

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Sign Your Estate Planning Documents

I have two clients coming in this afternoon… hopefully I might add… to sign their estate plans. In both instances it has been over a year since we first met. Life is busy we all know but, in the end, there is no good excuse for not getting your estate plan done. In both cases […]

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Guardians of the Person and Estate

Just a quickie about the importance of doing your will and always appointing guardians for the person and estate of any minors. I met with a young woman this morning who recently divorced her husband. The thought of her ex being involved is something she wants to avoid. We talked about the guardian of the […]

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