Probate Petitions in California

The California probate code is long and full of incredible weapons that a knowledgeable and experienced California probate attorney can use. In addition there is case law which establishes legal principles which can be followed. The key is knowing which weapon to use at which time! There is a huge variety of petitions we may file in a California probate Court related to trusts. Here is a list of some of them:

* * * REMEMBER: Flat fee options available in most trust cases * * * 

– Petition to confirm assets into trust;
– Petition to demand accounting;
– Petition to demand a copy of the trust;
– Petition her heirship;
– Petition for removal of trustee;
– Petition for appointment of trustee;
– Petition for instructions;
– Petition to Determine Validity of Trust Amendment;
– Petition for Breach of trust;
– Petition to Establish Creditors right to Claim;
– And the list goes on….

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The above emphasizes the importance of hiring an Expert Los Angeles Probate Attorney serving all of California.

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