Getting Rid of California Timeshare After Death

I recently spoke to a client who had an interesting situation. Their father died with very few assets. Maybe the total was $5,000. One of the assets was a timeshare with no value but ongoing maintenance fees. Nobody in the family wanted the timeshare and they didn’t know what to do. I told them roughly […]

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Timeshares and Your Estate Plan

A lot of people come home from a vacation with a souvenir they did not intend to ever buy… a shiny new TIMESHARE or ”vacation club” or even a fancy “fractional ownership!”   It seemed like a great idea after a couple of Mai Tais I am sure!  One of the sales benefits often gushed by the […]

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California Timeshares

Did you know there is a California probate code that can help transfer timeshares, after death, withtout the need for a full probate?  We can typically take care of this for you for a flat fee of $750 which includes the Court costs. The only additional cost would be the timeshare transfer fee. This works for […]

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