Cheryl H., Concord, CA, 10/3/18, on Yelp (5 star review)

I was referred to John Palley’s office by a once close friend whom had established a relationship with his office for their own personal family estate planning needs. In fact, his firm was recommended with high regard. Further, his services were requested to assist in the estate planning of a dear friend who was diagnosed with cancer and given only 3mo to live. Upon John’s office receiving an initial request to provide estate trust documentation to protect her one and only real asset of value, John’s team came to her rescue. Within only 3 days prior of my dear friend passing, John’s team rushed to her bedside to secure the documentation needed to avoid probate. This dear friend of mine had worked so very hard during her lifetime without any help from family. Her friends were her family and assisted her during the years of struggle to help protect and secure this asset. Upon death, John’s office again, stepped up to assist in the trust administration. Moreover, Robin S. Diamond. She has been professional, a person who cared and one that was always available to answer any sort of question(s). I am very pleased with the firms attention to detail, personal touch and professionalism. I highly recommend this firm for your estate planning needs.

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