– Fred H., July 2010

You learn a lot about a guy when you play golf with him. You find out about his temperament, honesty, perseverance, etiquette and whether or not they possess any likability. Years ago, I had a few opportunities to play golf with John Palley, one of the partners at JFMJ&P. I was so impressed with him that I hired him to help my family with our estate planning. He was an excellent listener and took personal interest in our situation. During the process, we came to trust his sense of fairness so much that we named him executor of our estate. Weeks after the bill was paid and the documents were in order, he called me to offer some advice regarding a sensitive subject in the content of the will – with a great idea to smooth out a particular transaction. He made the slight (but emotionally significant) change for no additional cost. Highly recommended.

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