Marilyn C., Surprise, AZ, 10/20/18, on Yelp (5 star review)

Mr. John Palley contacted me within an hour and scheduled a free phone consultation.  He was straight forward and extremely patient  as well as answering all my questions in this difficult time.  Although he was not able to personally assist us with our case if we decided to go forward with it, he did say that he could refer us to another attorney who could assist us.

After speaking with him I felt confident with what our next step if any would be and as well as setting my mind at ease.

A Personal Note:  In matters where money comes into play and you think you know your sibling and the situation becomes confusing, do contact an attorney who can help you with your unanswered questions.  You will find that peace of mind from a professional and their is no cost for a consultation.

Many Blessings to John for his time….

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