10 Steps in the California Trust Administration Process

Trust Administration

california trust administration
Trust administration is often ignored after death. The thought is that a trust avoids probate and therefore no work is needed.  This is simply not true in most cases. Here are ten crucial steps in the California trust administration process. While not mandatory in every case they should be discussed with your attorney in every case.

10 Steps of the Trust Administration Process

1) Lodge the will (typically a “pour over” will) with the Court in the county the decedent resided in.

2) Send California Probate Code 16061.7 NOTICE to all heirs at law and everybody named in the trust.

3) Gather asset information and prepare an inventory.

4) Gather creditor information and prepare a list for notice.

5) Open probate Court file to accept creditor claims.

6) Publish in local newspaper to notify potential creditors.

7) Send notice to potential creditors including Medi-Cal (the Department of Health Services).

8) Open a trust bank account.

9) Hire an accountant.

10) Sell assets (after giving proper notice) if they should be sold.

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