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I have a personal law practice that is 100% devoted to California probate cases only.

My goal is for this website to be your one source solution for INFORMATION on California Probate Law whether big or small estates. I handle them all and would love to see if I can help you!

My hope is that this website answers every question a person may have regarding the California probate process and the options available. However, I know you may have more questions so just ask; email or call right now. Either myself or a member of my probate team will answer you promptly. I have multiple lawyers who are Certified Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law and we work in all probate Courts in California.

I take great pride in being quick to reply to calls and emails so give me a try right now. Send me an email or give me a call!

Learn More About Your Lawyer

John B Palley, lead probate attorney of the law offices of MEISSNER, JOSEPH & PALLEY, INC, has completed over 1,000 probate cases in his career. John is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law as determined by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  Did you know less than 1% of California attorneys achieve this designation?  Here is information from the California State Bar website.  He has been focused on probate, trust and estate law since he became a lawyer in 1994 and his personal practice is 100% probate law.  He also has received the distinguished rating of “AV” from Martindale Hubbell, an honor not bestowed on many.  He also has been labeled a “Super lawyer” by superlawyers.com which they indicate to be amongst the top 5% of practitioners.  He has also received the highest rating from AVVO.com of “10.0” or “Superb.”  In 2015 he was named the best attorney in Roseville, California by the Roseville Press Tribune.  He was also highlighted in the August 2018 issue of Sacramento Magazine, in their best lawyer’s issue, with an article about probate and estate law.  He helps those with legal needs throughout the State of California in the area of estate and probate law only.

The firm’s main office is in Sacramento but they serve clients throughout California in the areas of trusts and estates. That is, they can easily help you with legal matters in every city and county in California.  John Palley splits his time between the firm’s Roseville and Sacramento offices. They also have an office in Davis, CA.

How John Palley Can Help You

John Palley, and his law firm, provide affordable, efficient and effective legal services. He has represented and assisted thousands of clients and posted some of his testimonials from his clients on this web site. He helps you protect the assets of your ancestors and for your loved ones. Experience does matter when it comes to protecting your assets and properties. The following are his areas of expertise:

His Practice has focused on the above areas since 1994 and the law firm has been serving the state since 1979. To serve his clients well, the firm has three offices: Sacramento, Roseville, and Davis. Also, John has clients throughout the state of California, and around the US, who he effectively represents by way of email, fax, phone, Skype and standard mail of course.  Additionally, he “appears” telephonically in Courts throughout California, via CourtCall, so he can take your case wherever it is in the state!

John has been quoted in many national publications including:

Huffington Post – What Happens to your Mortgage when you die

The Week – When to think Twice about leaving your home to your kids

He has also been quoted on Forbes.Com, Grandparents.com, and others and was the Sacramento Bee’s estate and probate expert in 2009. He also was the sole source of an article in the August 2018 issue of Sacramento Magazine with an article on estate and probate matters.

A Probate Lawyer Who Cares and Understands

The sudden loss of a loved one can be very traumatic. Probate is something most people want to avoid at all times but especially after a traumatic event like the death of a loved one.  If you find yourself there let John sort it out for you and make it easy for you. He has both personal and professional experience with traumatic loss so he can help!

Probate normally involves high costs and takes a long time. Our goal is to make this process as pleasant as possible. Probate law involves several thousand statutes, in the California probate code, as well as federal and state cases that have built the California “probate law.”  It also involves knowing the applicable cases that have created the “case law” in this area of law.

Simply having a WILL is not going to help you avoid probate and thus is not the best estate planning answer for most. Probate takes a minimum of seven months to complete. If your estate is not planned properly it may take more time and create long will contests and litigation. Probate is bad but probate litigation is worse!  An experienced probate attorney can help you navigate the probate court and reduce the chances of litigation.

You should opt for an experienced and a Certified California Specialist to handle it without making the situation even worse. Considering the numerous codes and cases, and the ever changing laws, it is highly advisable to hire an attorney who is focusing his career on Probate Law and not a general practitioner.

A probate attorney also needs to be kind and considerate towards his clients. This is very well demonstrated by John Palley.  Again, his testimonials speak to this!  John is both compassionate and also efficient.

You can probably avoid the time intensive and high cost of probate, if you have planned your estate properly for your loved ones. Estate Planning needs to be crafted in such a way that it takes care of you and your family’s interests for the present and in the future.

Are you in need of a probate attorney or estate lawyer in California, please Contact us for a free consultation.

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