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Trust Petitions CaliforniaA trust is a legal document that is used for estate planning. Trusts are a great way to manage property and specify who you would like to inherit your property in case of death to avoid any sort of confusion that could require hours of legal work.

But, there are plenty of cases where trusts are either not complete, property is not properly listed within the trust, or there is ambiguity within the trust. This is where a trust petition comes in. Trust petitions allows a closer legal examination of an individual’s trust after death, establishing results and actions in accordance to the intent of the trust. As a trustee or beneficiary, a trust petition can greatly help determine the intent of the deceased and allow property to be rightfully claimed by the right individuals.

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Heggstad Petitions in California

Heggstad Petition Option

In the case that assets were left out of a trust due to whatever reason, the Heggtad Petition can help you. Find out more on what the Heggstad Petition is, and how it can help your case.

California Trust Administration Process

California Trust Administration Process

The trust administration process in California can get long and complex. Learn about what we think the 10 crucial steps are in a trust administration process, and take the required action today.

Trust & Estates Beneficiary Representation

California Trust and Estates Beneficiary Representation

Have you recently become the beneficiary of a trust but don’t know what steps to take onwards? Let us represent and guide you through the complex process of a probate or trust administration. When we work together we are working for your interests, so let us help you achieve the best outcome.

Trustee Liability

Trustee Liability

As a trustee, you are personally liable to manage the trust’s assets and ensure everything is carried out according to the trust. Contact us today to get legal guidance and protection for yourself as the trustee.

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