The Perfect Estate Plan

“I am not quite ready to sign my estate plan becuase… [insert excuse here].” I hear this almost every day. The problem is there is NEVER a perfect time to do your estate plan nor is there ever a perfect estate plan. There are good times and bad times but there is NO perfect time! Likewise […]

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The Here and After – Estate Planning 101

As my law practice has developed over the years it has gotten to the point where it is 50% estate planning and 50% probate and trust administration. This means 50% of my work is planning for death and 50% is cleaning up after the fact. Let’s back up real quick. I went to three years […]

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Life Insurance Beneficiary – Trust or No?

Each asset you own has different issues when considering if it should be coordinated with your trust.  In my opinion life insurance is simple and there is one right answer… or at least one most correct answer. In my opinion the primary beneficiary of your life insurance policy should be your revocable trust in most […]

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Bypass trust funding in 2011

Ok, this could be the longest blog in the history of the world I went into all the details about Bypass trust funding.  These trusts are also called “B trusts” or “credit shelter trusts” and their use generally comes up when the first spouse dies. Many spouses set up these trusts years ago when their […]

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Can’t I just give the house back to the bank?

Talk about a loaded question!  Just the other day I was talking to a client, in a probate case, and she asked this question of me. It really is a loaded question though.  YES, you “can” just give it back BUT…. Let me start by saying there is simply no one size fits all answer […]

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