Aretha Franklin died with no estate plan

I can’t get no respect, no respect I say…. Oh wait, I have my celebrities and their lines on respect wrong but we have yet ANOTHER celeb dying without a proper estate plan in place. Here’s a good article on CNBC about Aretha’s lack of planning. With an $80m estimated net worth the costs of […]

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Free California Probate Book

Back in 2016 I wrote my first book on the California probate process.  It is called How to Live and Die with the California Probate: a Layperson’s Guide to the California Probate Process. I have put a link below if you want to buy it. If you want a FREE copy just send me an […]

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Can I sell a house during a California probate?

People are often pleasantly surprised to learn that the answer to this question (Can I sell a house during a California probate) is an affirmative, YES!  That is correct, without hesitation, and that is without any doubt. Y – E – S ! You can sell a house during a probate in California. However, there […]

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How long should a California probate take?

A lot of people who google the question “how long should a California probate take” probably are either: 1) contemplating hiring a lawyer who says it will take a year or more; or 2) in the midst of a probate with a lawyer who is taking a year or more. I have personally completed over […]

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