Options when your court date is WAY out

What can you do when your California probate court date is way out?  By WAY OUT I mean way out in the future.  Let me backtrack a little first…. In the old days, when I was a young attorney, court dates were often given 4 weeks out from the date you filed your petition. Back […]

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Wait, that house is mine! Mistake or probate fraud?

I recently had a potential new client who discovered his father had properties in Sacramento county… or so he thought.  Though dad had died some years ago this seemed to be pennies from heaven for this nice young man.  The client was very nice and due to his father’s unique name these certainly seemed to […]

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The Covid crisis is not over yet in California

A lot of us were thinking it was heading in the right direction, right?  We had flattened the curve, right?  The death rate was going down, right?  Unfortunately it seems that once we opened stuff up the numbers started going back up!  As a California probate attorney my focus, especially here in my blog, is […]

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Restitution payments in a probate

If you found this blog post you probably have a question about restitution payments in a probate. I am a California attorney so my blog can only give information about California probate law. If you are in any other state you might take my information and share with an attorney in that state to see […]

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