Excuses, excuses….

People procrastinate on finishing their estate plans for some reason.  Apparently they know when they are going to die so they can decide when to sign the documents and finish the plan. I have a yearly cycle that I see. We are currently in a non-excuse time and thus people are working to finish their […]

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Learning what you don’t know

Like most things in life preparing wills and trusts is something you can not learn in one day. In fact, you can’t learn it in one year.  I was reminded of this last week at a continuing education seminar I attended. I have been doing this type of work since 1994 and, in fact, been […]

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Protect your ASSets

Ok, I apologize but I couldn’t resist the title for this post.  Our society is crazy with litigation. Yes, you can blame the lawyers but individuals have to hire the lawyers and sign the lawsuits that are filed! However, it’s no doubt litigation is out of control, people sue for everything big and small, and […]

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Powers of Attorney for Financial – Not so Simple

YES you can find free power of attorney forms on the internet. YES you can go to stationary stores and find similar forms for very cheap. YES you can find some attorney who knows nothing about estate planning who can print a form and charge you fifty bucks. However, will that really solve the dilemmas […]

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ILIT’s Do not Have to be About Estate Taxes

An ILIT is the standard acronym in the industry for Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust.  An ILIT is one of the most dynamic estate planning tools available and that’s why I mention them from time to time. The key on this blog post is the idea that an ILIT need not have anything to do with […]

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