Rental property gone GOOD

Review this post for the BEFORE pictures. It was sold in a probate sale.  Here is a picture of the NOW.

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Executor’s Companion Book

I have heard this book is a great resource if you are serving as a trustee or executor of an estate. I have not read it myself yet. However, I encourage you to get a copy if you are going to serve in a fiduciary capacity. Here’s the link to Amazon.

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Naming your estate as beneficiary of a life insurance policy

INTRODUCTION There are generally two ways that a life insurance policy could become payable to the estate of a deceased person. The first is if a person actively names their estate as the beneficiary. The second is if no named beneficiary is alive to receive it.  In either case a probate will likely be the […]

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National Estate Planning Awareness Week is coming

INTRODUCTION Each year the Financial Awareness Foundation promotes National Estate Planning Awareness Week.  The Financial Awareness Foundation is currently under organization to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. From their website, “it was established to significantly improve financial awareness and financial literacy. The Foundation’s vision as an educational public benefit corporation is to teach, promote, motivate, and […]

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