Sign now change later

I met with some clients today who came in to sign their California revocable living trust, wills, powers of attorney for financial affairs, advanced medical directives (“Living will”), HIPPA releases, deeds, etc….  What was unusual is they did what I advise people to do but so few take advantage of the offer.  I tell clients that it is rare that an estate plan is 100% perfect so sign it now and try to perfect it later. There is always something they are considering changing, or a piece of real estate they are about to buy (or sell), or they don’t have time, or something else that makes it not the right time to sign.  However, a signed estate plan that is 95% “perfect” is probably better than a completely unsigned estate plan!  This couple today came in, signed and were out of here in 15 or 20 minutes.  They said there were a few changes they wanted to make but didn’t have time today. I always offer my clients one year to make changes with no charge.  Their trust is now signed and in effect and the husband told me he would email later with some changes.  They have minor children so having a signed estate plan in place is very important.  I really applaud them for signing the documents now knowing they can make changes later.  I wish more clients did this.  Should you have any questions about trusts or probate let me know or visit our website   -John

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