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I saw an ad in the Sacramento Bee today for an upcoming series of living trust seminars. It hits on so many key points: don’t let the Court’s decide your estate plan, wills do NOT avoid probate, keep your affairs private and out of the courts, be careful of joint tenancy ownership, learn how to reduce or eliminate taxes, how guardianships work, making provisions for your grandchildren, and what happens without a living trust. These are all great topics and it’s FREE!  WOW!  That’s incredible.  It even says that all new clients will get a consultation with a “qualified attorney.”

As a true estate planning professional I am a bit dismayed by the advertisement as I do living trust seminars for my clients, one-on-one, in my office and we talk about the issues that matter most to YOU.  Plus, I can almost guarantee their version of a “qualified attorney” does not include someone with my credentials:

– Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization;

– AV Rated (the highest rating) by Martindale Hubbell (;

– 10.0 rating (the highest rating) by

– Past Sacramento Bee Estate Planning and Probate “Expert;”

– Been practicing in this area of law since 1994.

However, that’s just part of it… what’s more… read the small print at the bottom of that “free” seminar ad and you learn what their real business is. “An independent licensed Notary Public, who may be a licensed insurance agent, will deliver your documents when completed.”

Ok, let me assure you that if you are a possible annuity purchaser target the notary WILL BE a licensed insurance salesmen!  See the fact is these seminars are not really to do living trusts but usually aimed to sell you very high commissioned annuities.  When they get to your house they will likely be the old school, bad polyester suit, won’t take no for an answer, kind of of insurance salesmen. If you need an annuity then work with a high quality financial professional. If you need a living trust work with a high quality estate planning attorney.

I do not sell annuities or any investments. I am just an attorney. There is no conflict of interest when you work with a true estate planning professional.

Be careful about these seminars. If you want a free estate planning seminar contact me and very likely I can give you a one-on-one estate planning seminar in my office that is tailored for YOU!

Contact Me with any questions you have.  -John

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