Probate Seminar Today

Sacramento, CA. Today, John B. Palley, will be one of the headline speakers at National Business Institute’s seminar entitled the Probate Process from Start to Finish.  NBI is a leader in giving high level continuing education seminars for lawyers. Today’s presentation will be an all day event at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento. Mr. Palley will be speaking, for approximately two hours, on two primary topics: Managing the Inventory and Administering the Estate.  The first topic will delve into all issues related to what assets go on an inventory, how they go on, how they are appraised, problems that can develop with appraisals and related issues.  The second big topic will include an in-depth look at statutory notices in California probates, dealing with insolvent estates and disclaimers in probate cases. Mr. Palley prepared detailed outlines on both of these areas of law and they will be available, later this week, on his website,

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