Keep the probate moving toward the finish line….

I am constantly amazed at how slow some California probate attorneys are.  Probate is like a high hurdle race; a 7 month race.  Keep hitting those hurdles, ON-TIME, so you can be done and get on with life!  Here are some common things I have seen from my “competitors:”

They can’t get you in for an appointment for a week or two.  If you call my office and tell them you have a probate case to file I can generally squeeze you in that day!  Contact me directly at the email link on the side and I will make sure of it.

They don’t get your documents ready for a week or two or more. In my opinion there is no excuse for slow document production.  If an attorney can not get your initial probate documents done within 24 hours then I suggest you hire an attorney like me who can get it done in a timely fashion. In almost all standard probate cases I can have initial probate documents ready in 24 hours and often the same day.

They don’t have the Court order filed before the initial Court hearing. The Judge can not sign the order if it’s not there waiting for him or her to sign. Make sure your attorney is efficient and has the order there on time. Some Courts may still take a few weeks to process it butdo what you can to expedite by having your order there before your Court date.

They fail to have the bond application filed and pre-approved before the initial Court hearing.  If there is likely to be a bond make sure your attorney files the bond application with the bond company a week or two before the Court date. Again, it’s all about lining up so you can jump over each hurdle as they come… rather than having to go back and try to jump over a hurdle when you aren’t running full speed.

They fail to send creditors notice in a timely manner. Everybody makes mistakes but your attorney should have procedures in place so that all creditors notices, as well as public entity notices, get sent in a timely fashion.

They fail to get the inventory started quickly. Some assets are difficult to appraise so it’s important to get the inventory to the ref in a timely fashion.

Of course I could go on. However, rather than focus on the negativity with the deficiencies and inefficiencies of others contact me so I can help guide you through an efficient high hurdle race!  -John

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