What are Probate CALENDAR NOTES?

Probate CALENDAR NOTES are notes prepared and made public BEFORE your Court hearing. Every county is different. In some counties the notes are prepared by attorneys and other counties it’s experienced probate Court staff. They review the file and post their calendar notes. In a few counties they call these “tentative rulings” also.

The notes may show a matter to be “RFA.”  This could mean “recommended for approval” or “ready for approval” depending on who you ask. In any event a case being RFA means the Judge will likely approve it absent new information coming forth before the hearing or at the hearing.

Sometimes the notes will show deficiencies that need to be fixed. In some counties the notes are posted with enough lead time that they can be fixed. In other cases not. In the cases where you don’t have time to fix the issues then you need to get a continuance and try again in 4-6 weeks.

In other, more complicated cases, the calendar notes may highlight a lot of the issues and facts. Those are really notes to the Judge.

Of course at Meissner, Joseph & Palley Inc we try to get lots of RFA’s!

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