Listing all assets in estate planning

Below I have posted a sample of the information we like to have when we do estate planning. Though we do not require the information it’s helpful to us. It’s helpful in different ways. Let’s discuss.

First, the dollar amounts are certainly not required but knowing the approximate estate size helps determine what plan is right for YOU.  Often clients do not think about the true size of their estate until they put it on paper. Often it adds up to more than they thought. That is, by the time you add your IRA, 401k, life insurance, and other things to your home equity and savings accounts the value can jump up!

Second, we can’t fully fund a trust if we don’t know about all your accounts.  Having the name, account number and address helps us to help you fund the trust!

Third, it’s a great help to your family, friends, loved ones and trustees later. That is, at your incapacity or death how do they know what assets exist? The only way they know is if they have a list. Where do they get a list? From YOU.

Here’s a sample of the questions we go over with you during the estate planning process.


1)      CASH AND SAVINGS (Please supply bank name, address and account number)

Checking Account                   $ ___________

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)  $ ___________

Credit Union                            $ ___________

Savings Account                      $ ___________

Money Market                         $ ___________

TOTAL CASH AND SAVINGS                                $ ______________


2)     MARKETABLE SECURITIES (Please include bank name, address and account number)

Stocks                                      $ ___________

Bonds                                      $ ___________

Mutual Funds                          $ ___________

Annuities                                 $ ___________

Gold and Silver                       $ ___________

TOTAL OF MARKET SECURITIES                       $ ______________


3)     REAL ESTATE  (Please list address, city and state)



i.   _______________________________           ______________________________________

ii.  _______________________________           ______________________________________

iii. _______________________________           ______________________________________

TOTAL EQUITY IN REAL ESTATE                      $ _______________



4)     FIXED AND OTHER ASSETS (Please supply additional information if available)


Business Interests                    $ ___________

Limited Partnerships               $ ___________

Notes Due                               $ ___________

TOTAL OF FIXED AND OTHER                           $ ________________


5)     RETIREMENT PLANS (Please bring bank name, address and account number)


IRA (Standard Deductible)      $ ___________

IRA (Roth IRA)                       $ ___________

Keogh                                      $ ___________

SEP                                         $ ___________

401k                                        $ ___________

403B                                        $ ___________

Profit Sharing Plan                  $ ___________

TSA                                         $ ___________

ESOP                                      $ ___________

PASOP                                    $ ___________

Deferred Compensation          $ ___________

Pension Plan                            $ ___________

TOTAL OF RETIREMENT PLANS                        $ ________________


6)     LIFE INSURANCE (Please list life insurance company and agent, if you know)


Face Value of Policy #1          $ ___________  (Term  or   Whole Life?)

Face Value of Policy #2          $ ___________  (Term  or   Whole Life?)

Face Value of Policy #3          $ ___________  (Term  or   Whole Life?)




7)      OTHER ASSETS (Cars, boats, collectibles, etc.)

$ ___________

$ ___________

TOTAL OF OTHER ASSETS                      $ ________________




GRAND TOTAL OF ALL ASSETS                        $ ________________

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