Best States for Dynasty Trusts – 2012

Each year my law school classmate, Steve Oshins, puts out a list of the top states to use for a “dynasty trust” and for a asset protection trusts. He just released his dynasty trust rankings.

A dynasty trust is a trust designed to live as long as possible, from generation to generation, or a “Rockefeller Trust” as I like to call them. The government, long ago, determined that creating a taxable event at each death was important… and likewise smart attorneys came up with ways around the tax.  The dynasty trust is the best way to pass wealth, for many generations, without tax.

Steve Oshins, a 1994 graduate of the McGeorge School of Law (University of Pacific), like me, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on dynasty trusts. He has been quoted in major publications like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.  Steve often speaks about dynasty trusts and each year publishes his ranking of the top states to house your dynasty trust. Here is the link to Steve’s latest rankings.

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