Cleaning up estate plan messes after death

“I can get a trust done for $500, on the back page of Rolling Stone magazine, so why should I pay you $2,000?”

My answer is simply, “we will find out after you die how good your five hundred dollar estate plan is.”

I mean that with all sincerity. It MIGHT be just fine. On the other hand I have seen some horrendous trusts ($500 or more) that I have had to clean up after death. Some so-called “estate planning attorneys” create huge messes after death with poorly written and poorly executed documents.

Get it done right before you die so your family doesn’t have to deal with this!

On the other hand, if you are reading this blog after a loved one has died you have come to the right place. We clean up bad estate plans, after death, all the time!

Cleaning up a bad estate plan after death usually requires much more work and much more money than if things had been done right in the first place. However, I have seen so many bad estate plans I have had a lot of experience cleaning them up.

There are many different alternatives for cleaning up messes.  The most common fixes to estate planning messes:

1) Heggstad petition to get assets into the trust.

2) Petition for succession to real property worth less than $150,000.

3) Probate code 13100 small estate affidavits for personal property.

4) Spousal property petitions when one spouse dies.

5) Full probates in the worst messes.

Contact me to discuss how we can best clean up the mess you find yourself in!

-John Palley

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