Lost Money Resources for Life Insurance

Many people know that you can search for lost money on the California Secretary of State website as well as similar sites in most every other state in the union. Also, foundmoney.com is another great resource.

Lost money, found money, unclaimed property, or whatever you want to call it. They are ASSETS that should be in your trust or estate if you are administering one after death.

There are also resources for finding old life insurance policies. Here are a couple of key ones:

New York has a free service which searches all New York life insurance companies. Since many companies are housed there this is a great resource. It can be found here on this link.

Another great one, that currently costs $75, is at MIB.com.  They have a policy locator services for probate and trust cases. This is a great resource and well worth the $75 if you think your loved one took out a policy since 1996. The direct link is here.

Of course there are other services on the internet and this is just a start. You can also hire private investigators to really dig in to the search. Whatever you do I encourage you to not just watch. Get active and find that lost money!

-John Palley

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