Sacramento Probate Court Continuances

I pride myself on rarely having to seek continuances in probate court. That is, I try to be prepared and take care of my business BEFORE the court date so as to avoid continuances. Historically continuances, in Sacramento county, have been 4 weeks out.  I am speaking of the Sacramento probate court when I say Sacramento county. Each county is a little different of course but the trend is being seen in most counties of California as I work throughout the state.

The last year, or so, it’s been moving toward 6-8 weeks at times in Sacramento. Today, I had to ask for a continuance in a case as there are some heirs who want more information. The court date is too close (next week) and thus a continuance was agreed to so we could answer all of their questions. Ok fine but guess what… the case just got delayed THREE MONTHS.

Yes, the next available continuance day after the January 8, 2014 hearing is April 8, 2014. Let me repeat… THREE MONTHS!

As I have stated before if you do a probate case yourself or hire an inexperienced attorney you face an increased risk of a continuance. If a continuance is three months that means your case will be at least 3 months longer than it need be. Plus, it can happen again, and again, and again….  Before you know it your probate case takes a year longer than it should. Forget the rest and hire the best from day one!

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